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Comments by Marites

Really and truly, I only have wonderful and positive things to say about my experience. Life-affirming, transformative, inspiring, uplifting - I've used all of these words in my stories to my friends and family. The combination of Burma, Buddhism, Kyao, Barbara's yoga and spirit, the workshops and talks, was masterful. Add in the individual participants and whoosh

Comments by Bob B and Marcy D

You did an excellent job of putting the right people together and designing an interesting, well-paced itinerary. I also appreciated that you stressed that most activities were optional so people always had choices.

Comments by Lyn B

Personally, it was one of the most amazing travel experiences of my life (and I have actually traveled extensively). I think what made it the most memorable and amazing besides the obvious (the children in the Monastery for instance) was that because we were largely out of touch with the outside world, I really had to be "in the moment" nearly all of the time.

Comments by Tess and Moshe

The long and short of it is that we had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our group, lovely people, the places, fascinating, unexpected, the people especially Kyaw and the Burmese.

Comments by Michelle L

found the most helpful part of the workshop was that it was well structured and ...meeting lots of interesting like-minded people...also provided learning and inspiration.

Comments by Robyn

As I have been able to reflect on the week I feel so blessed to have found my way there. The real benefit for me is still in the making, I am sure...the beautiful spirit of James which pervaded and exemplified all the messages given throughout the course was the most helpful aspect.

Comments by Chris

Learning what mindfulness is and skills that I can utilise in my work with couples. Examining my own previous relationships and my role in some of the problematic issues was the most challenging aspect of the workshop.

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