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Journey to Peru
A cultural and geographic exploration

April 27- May 8, 2011

For centuries, Peru was the cultural center of South America. High in the Andes Mountains, great cities were built,
sciences were developed, and the arts flourished. Set in the thin air of these spectacular mountains was built the
Incan capital, Cusco, a city so beautiful that the Spaniards had to destroy it, for to preserve it would have been to
acknowledge the high civilization upon which the Europeans had stumbled. But that did not prevent the conquerors from constructing their own great city upon the magnificent Incan walls. Below Cusco sits the mysterious city of
Machu Picchu, arguably one of the most beautiful sites in the world. And though experts are still debating the
true nature of this place, all agree that it is an architectural marvel and is on most travelers lists of places that must
be seen in ones lifetime.

This Spring, Ricky Fishman, Co-Founder of Integral Expeditions, will lead a group to the center of the ancient Incan Empire. Throughout the program, we will learn about Indigenous culture, cosmology, art, and science, as well as the contemporary place of Peru in a globalizing world, meeting with local experts in these fields. This promises to be a fantastic experience in which we will explore the cultural and geographic depths of a fascinating land. We hope you will join us for what promises to be a transformative journey.

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Day 1-3

We arrive in Cusco and spend two nights in the old San Blas District. We will have a city tour of the museums, churches, and Incan ruins.

Day 3-8 We will then travel by bus through the Urubamba (Sacred) Valley, dotted with traditional villages, markets, and remnants of a great civilization past. We arrive in the late afternoon at the Salkantay Lodge for the first of two nights of acclimatization. There will be day hikes, followed by three days of trekking through magnificent landscapes beneath snowcapped mountains and lush forests. The lodges, fully
staffed, which include private rooms with breathtaking views, and hot water showers, lie nestled, solitary, within remote Andean valleys.
Day 8-10 On the final day of our trek we arrive at Machu Picchu and spend two nights at the base of the ruins, in the town of Aguas Calientes. This gives us ample time to explore the incredible site.

Day 10-11 We return by train for another night in Cusco before flying home.


(Based upon double occupancy and excludes airfare)

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