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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of general Frequently Asked Questions. Should your question still not be answered, please contact [email protected] for all questions relating to payment, accommodation, specific workshop queries.

1. Do all of your trips have workshops as part of the program??

a. No.  In addition to our wokshop programs, we offer cultural tours that explore history, culture, spirituality, environment, and other areas of educational interest.

2. Can I please have a more detailed outline of the content of the workshop?

a. Please email [email protected] for a more complete outline of the workshop

3. What does the price include?

a. The price of the workshop includes the workshop and other inclusions indicated under “Cost Includes” on flyer. This varies from workshop to workshop depending on location. For details on other workshops and cultural programs, please consult this website. Costs do not include: international airfare; fees for passports and visas; airport arrival and departure taxes; meals not specified in itinerary; optional tours; travel and health insurance and airport transfers (unless specified on flyer).

4. Do I have to make my own arrangements for airport transfers and how do I do that?

a. Airport transfers (if not included for this particular workshop) can be organized by contacting your hotel and asking them to help you organize an airport shuttle. Alternately, google the airport you are arriving at and have a look on their website to help with airport transfers to your hotel. Most major airports have a shuttle/taxi service. You can find out more information by contacting the airport you will be arriving at.

5. What spending money do I need to bring?

a. The inclusions for this workshop are outlined on the flyer. Generally, you will need your own spending money, money for drinks and meals not included on itinerary, tips, airport transfers (if not included), personal discretionary spending and any sightseeing undertaken that is not included.

6. How do I make a payment for this workshop?

a. To make an easy and safe online credit card payment, please go to click on “Payment” and follow the instructions to pay securely by Paypal. For help negotiating the Paypal process, please email [email protected] (Australian participants) or [email protected] (American participants). To make any alternate payment arrangements, please contact [email protected]

7. Is there any pre-reading for this workshop?

a. Our workshops are generally highly experiential and as such we do not usually set a reading list. However if you are keen to do some pre-reading, please contact [email protected] he will contact the workshop presenters who may be able to supply you with some relevant reading material. If the particular workshop you are attending does require pre-reading, you will be sent a pre-reading list.

8. What are the contact phone numbers for the hotels we will be staying at?

a. For hotel contact numbers, you may contact [email protected] .  However, these numbers will be routinely sent out prior to the departure date.

9. I’m coming to the workshop on my own, but don’t want to pay the single supplement, can you make sure I share with someone?

a. Whilst Integral Expeditions will try to pair you with someone , we cannot ensure that this is always possible. Where you have requested to share but we are unable to organize this due to uneven numbers of participants, we will offer you a reduced single supplement.

10. What other workshops are you offering?

a. For details on other workshops and cultural programs , please email [email protected]

11. What are the qualifications of the workshop presenters?

a. The qualifications of the workshop presenters are outlined on the relevant flyers, also on the website “Faculty”

12. How many participants will be on this trip?

a. Due to the experiential nature of our workshops, we usually try to limit numbers of participants to around 20

13. Can I bring my partner/family member/non-participating friend to share my room? How much will this cost?

a. Non-participating travel companions are always welcome on our trips. The costs vary for a non-participating person. Please see the flyer for additional details or contact us by phone. Fees charged for non-participating guests are for room and breakfast only and do not cover included side trips (optional extra for companion), other meals, or participating in the workshop.

14. My partner is not a professional but would like to participate in the workshop, is this possible?

a. Yes, whilst we cater for professional participants, non-professionals have attended our workshops in the past and have been very satisfied with their experiences (go to “Testimonials”). We have also had non-professionals come with their partners and participate in consecutive workshops as they have found them so informative and helpful.

15. What experience do workshop participants need?

a. Our workshops are for participants in the helping professions who wish to expand their knowledge/skills base in the areas our workshops cover. However, we have often had non-professionals participate in our workshops who state that they have benefitted greatly from their experience and have participated in consecutive workshops.

16. What happens if I have to cancel?

a. Our cancellation policy is clearly described on each flyer.

17. Do I get handouts?

a. Yes, you will be given relevant handouts at the workshop.

18. Do I need to bring writing material

a. Yes, please bring pen and a pad of paper for writing.

19. What clothing should I wear?

a. Our workshops are experiential, therefore, please bring suitable clothing for the climate and for being an active participant in the workshop.

20. What else do I need to bring?

a. Please bring all personal medication (check with your GP), personal toiletries, good walking shoes, camera and batteries, torch, sunscreen, sunhat and insect repellent. Depending on location of workshop bathers and personal entertainment equipment. Our workshops are often in remote locations, so please don’t depend on there being a local supermarket or corner store.

21. Is there a minimum number of participants needed in the program for it to go?
a.  Yes, each program requires a minimum to go and also a minimum to hold the promoted price.  IHTI reserves the right to cancel any trip due to inadequate sign up (or other cause that makes it unfeasible to operate) but will inform you at least 45 days prior to departure.  In such a case, a full refund of Program Cost is given (less administrative fees if credit cards are used for payment) but IHTI is not responsible for additional expenses incurred by participants preparing for trip (e.g. non refundable air tickets, visa fees if applicable, etc.)

22. Should I get travel insurance?
a. We require that each participant have travel health insurance that will cover them in case of medical emergencies, such as the sudden need for treatment or medical evacuation.  We also recommend a policy that covers for trip cancellation and other travel need.

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